Rug Cleaning Alexandra Hills

Quality And Professional Rug Cleaning Service in Alexandra Hills 

We are a popular rug cleaning team in Alexandra Hills. Are you fond of the rugs at your place? Our team can take the best care of your rugs. Carpet Cleaning Alexandra Hills is the appropriate solution to dirty and unhygienic rugs. Hence, we provide professional care and deep cleaning for your rugs. From cleaning to grooming the rugs in the end, the tasks are done professionally. 

The dirt is always collected at the roots of the rugs. Hence, it takes them to be extremely dirty to be noticed. Hence, it is advised to get regular rug cleaning done. The rug cleaning Alexandra Hills team is here to provide you with top notch rug cleaning services. Moreover, we have great offers and deals regarding deep cleaning of rugs. Call us on 0720 004 562 for more information. 

How will our customers benefit from hiring our rug cleaning team 

  • Courteous and humble team members – We respect our customers and our aim is to give them the best rug cleaning experience. Our team professionals are humble. And take the client’s requests into consideration. 
  • Green and eco-friendly – Moreover, our solutions are safe for pets, the environment and family members. 
  • Unique methods towards deep cleaning for rugs – We use the latest equipment and products for rug cleaning. Hence, we have an unique approach towards cleaning and drying of the rugs. 
  • Affordable pricing options – Our services are at a very competitive price. Hence, it is worthy of an investment for your rugs. 
  • Trained rug cleaners – Our cleaning professionals are indeed trained. And also certified legally. 

Hence, we are the trustable local rug cleaning company in Alexandra Hills. 

Our approach towards deep rug cleaning 

We are aware of the different types of rugs available. Some rugs are sensitive. And some rugs have hard ro remove stains. Hence, we have a step by step process to attain the desired results. 

  • Pre-inspection – Firstly, we examine the rugs in your place. We look for signs of patches, discolouration, wear and tear, stains, spills and any other damages. 
  • Cleaning process – We then use different cleaning methods to treat the rugs. This gets rid of dust mites, stains and allergens from your rugs. 
  • Post – inspection of stains – We reinspect for any smaller stains and patches we missed. And we get rid of them as well. 
  • Conditioning process – Our next step is to deep condition your rugs. This will maintain the lustre of the fibres. 
  • Drying – Once the rugs are clean and tidy, we use rapid air dryers to remove moisture. Your rugs will look brighter and cleaner after this process. 
  • Sanitisation – Lastly, we sanitize the rugs to maintain the hygiene conditions. 

Types of rug stains we come across in homes 

Rugs are used almost all the time. Hence, it is prone to frequent stains and spills. Here are the common stains we clean – 

  • Food spills 
  • Alcohol stains 
  • Liquid spills
  • Pet stains 
  • Coffee stains 
  • Chocolate 
  • Wax and Gums
  • Grease and oily stains 
  • Sauces 
  • Poop stains 
  • Meat stains 
  • Paints and latex 

Not to worry, as we can remove all these stains efficiently. 

Same day rug cleaning services in Alexandra Hills 

Rugs are a beautiful asset of homes and commercial places. Hence, they must be given attention and care. Our professional rug cleaners will do the right cleaning job. Moreover, we have now started offering same day cleaning services in Alexandra Hills.  Hence, if it’s an emergency occasion we can treat the rugs on the same day of booking.  

Reliable steam rug cleaning service near you

Steam cleaning is a top notch method for rugs. It is quick, reliable and a worthy process. We use some non toxic solvents. Hence, this won’t ruin the texture and colour of your rugs. Moreover, the steam used is very effective in dissolving the dirt and stains. 

We like to maintain the quality of our products and methods. We use the most reliable and latest steam cleaning machines. Our professional cleaners will positively deliver the rugs back to your place. And they will be clean, hygienic and smell fresh.